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Introducing The Periscope Crew

And what makes us unique

We are a crew of passionate young people with disabilities who have come together to give our talents the opportunity to truly shine. We have talented photographers and cinematographers, inspirational interviewers and anchors, a detail-obsessed research team and the best possible production support. True inclusion will only happen if we get to tell our own stories from our own perspective and using our own skills. We are changing perspectives and changing the world!

We have brought in other talented young creatives to mentor us as we build our skills and so that we all learn from each other. We are connecting with young people who are studying journalism, broadcasting, media, film-making and design. We now have an amazing group who are creative, community-minded and engaged and can’t wait to share our stories with you.

As we go forth, we look forward to hearing about new stories about Western Australians and inclusion. The Periscope Crew are able to coordinate every element of the film process from initial contact with subjects, interviews, filming, edits and final production of every story we tell. We would love you to be a part of our journey.


We are a team of thinks, creators, and makers, with our own unique perspectives

The Periscope Crew is our platform as young people with disabilities to shine in something we are both passionate about and have real talent in. All too often, people with disabilities become the subjects of stories and we want to be the creators and visionaries of our own stories. We are working alongside young industry professionals so that we have the skills and knowledge to bring our stories to life. We are also hoping to work with them to build real partnerships in the film and media industry here in Western Australia so that we can part of building an even more creative and inclusive landscape in our home State. We know that we will learn from our creative mentors and we hope that they will learn from our perspectives and strengths. Some of our stories will make you laugh and others will challenge you as we help you view the world from every angle. We know that there is no crew like The Periscope Crew and we are going to change the world!

Our Parent Charity

Soul Gestures

Soul Gestures Inc was established in 2004 to build positive community through inspiring young people to shine. We work with young people to teach leadership, provide community engagement opportunities and celebrate people doing good locally. We are known for creating innovative solutions to engage marginalised youth in education and the community and to address difficult issues in new and different ways. Soul Gestures is deeply committed to every young person in WA having the opportunity to feel safe, belong and thrive.

Some of our well-known projects include our MANA ORA Maori Youth Leadership Program, the African Soul storytelling projects, this year's Kindness Deliveries to COVID-isolated cancer patients, our StepUp Inclusive Fitness Program and this year's Periscope Crew. Any donations this year will go directly to build The Periscope Crew, a film crew of young people with disabilities telling stories 'from every angle.' We look forward to celebrating their incredible talent with the wider community.
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Interview with Kate Campbell and Madison Heady

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