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Why make a crew where most of the team members have disabilities?
We started The Periscope Crew as each of us had special talents that in mainstream society get overlooked or overshadowed because of our disabilities. We wanted to showcase that a person living with a disability has worth, creativity, talents and that society has a limited view of people with disabilities.


Are you available to film at corporate events, functions, advertising?
Yes we are and we have already completed our first couple of events. If you would like to hire the Periscope Crew for an event please get in touch here and we will see if we are available. Corporate events are professional paid work and help create sustainability for The Periscope Crew’s inclusive film production.


I have a short film idea? Are you keen?
We are always interested in hearing from members of the community with creative ideas for our film crew. As you can understand, our film work is limited by access to funding, film equipment and crew members’ availability at any time. Please feel free to get in touch as we would love to hear from all members of our community.


What does Inclusion mean to you?
To me Inclusion means that a person is able to have the resources, access, support and opportunities to live a fulfilled life in the community without fear of judgement or discrimination. It may be as simple as having a friendship group and being accepted, or to have access to assisted technology to break down communication barriers. (Madi)
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